Sunday, 15 November 2009

Money for nothing... Buffett style

BBC 2's Evan Davis met the world's greatest investor and summed up Buffett's simple strategy like so...
  1. Invest... don't speculate. It's the cash flows from the asset that generate your return, not the movement in the price.
  2. You don't have to diversify. "If somebody owns 50 stocks, can they really like the one they rank as number 50 as well as the one they rank as number 1? Can they know it as well? I don't think so."
  3. Be a business owner. Don't just buy shares.
  4. Allocate capital efficiently. Take the profits of one business and invest them in another.
  5. Don't get into debt. "If you're smart you don't need it, and if you're dumb you've got no business using it."
The mark of an intelligent person is one who can make the complicated sound simple. Buffett and his investment style embody this in spades.


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